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Securing Our Society
  • Reporting Features

    Whether you’re entrusted with the safety or security of students, employees, VIPs or other private citizens, give them a direct lifeline to your control center.

  • Icon Awards 2015

    Pure Force and Rescue Corp. is honored to be industry leaders in communication and public safety.

  • Your Safety is Priority

    We aim to provide quick response in times of emergency.

  • Innovation for Extreme Measuress

    We adapt to extend our services to ensure the safety not only for the public but also for our people.

  • Responding Features

    Pure Force’s comprehensive mobile response solutions enable reduced response times, full situational awareness, and enhanced communications.

About Us

Pure Force and Rescue Corporation is a technology and innovation leader specializing, in security and rescue throughout the whole Philippines.Connecting security organizations and emergency response team, thereby minimizing response times and maximizing situational awareness.