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Pure Force: The Tech behind the Force by Manila Bulletin

July 20, 2015

The role of a First Responder is to take immediate action and head toward a disaster-struck zone. Saving lives is a priority. Making the rescue at the quickest possible time is paramount.


Pure Force mobile app

The lack of a centralized emergency system has made coordination between public safety and emergency response difficult. Everyone knows who to call on each emergency, but not everyone knows how to call them – often people would yell for help until someone actually goes to the response team’s station, instead of calling them through landline or mobile device. As part of an effort to minimize this, Pure Force has invested on building their own mobile app which can be downloaded in smartphones and requires a fee for activation.

Through the app, people will be able to send for help and Pure Force will send a response team immediately.

Users will need to register their mobile number to www.pureforce505.com in order to activate the application.


The app will let users notify Pure Force about the emergency, if it is a fire or if someone is in need of immediate medical care. As part of the registration and installation of the app, users are required to provide their location via GPS and home address.

Pure Force has 9 fire trucks, 5 ambulances, 2 rubber boats, 1 amphibian vehicle, 1 rescue truck, and 1 helicopter ready for liftoff 24/7 in the domestic airport.

First Responders are armed and ready to take on various disaster situations. In line of its namesake, the rescue truck is equipped with jackhammers, chainsaws, Jaws of Life, and a mobile drill.


Thermal Imaging Sensor

This device scans heat signatures to determine the fire’s location. This way, firemen do not just hose through the window blindly, wasting precious seconds extinguish the real source of the fire that keeps on spreading. Despite being an older model, Pure Force takes pride as being the only home for such one device.

Jaws of Life

People inside their vehicles after a violent collision often find it difficult or impossible to escape because of the obstructions created by the crash. In cases like that, responders use the Jaws of Life to cut and spread crushed metals in order to free people.

Thermal Protection Suit or Fire Proximity Suit

In crucial fire rescues, the Fire Proximity Suit will protect its wearer from the flames within burning vicinity. It reduces their mobility but it will keep them safe long enough for a search and rescue operation. These are different from Hazmat suits, as those things are worn for protection against hazardous materials (Haz – Mat) such as chemicals and toxic environments.
Part or their arsenals is a crowbar, sledgehammer, bolt cutters, axe, and a saw. They may all be basic, everyday tools for construction, but each one of them is essential for getting a responder inside a burning building, digging through piles of rubble, or tearing apart crushed vehicles, in order to save people.

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