Reporting Features

Reporting Features

Alert your command center when someone in the community is in distress.
Whether you’re entrusted with the safety or security of students, employees, VIPs or other private citizens, give them a direct lifeline to your control center.

By pinpointing the exact coordinates of a caller in distress, the command center can dispatch the relevant personnel or authorities quickly and accurately, effectively eliminating the “search” of “search and rescue.” Depending on the needs of the organization or community, the dispatch center can also monitor the whereabouts of its personnel and assets in the field, and create automatic alerts if users enter an area deemed to be dangerous.

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1Receive instant distress signals straight to your command center

With one swipe of the finger, individuals can alert your command center of any problem, helping to create a safer community. The caller’s exact location is pinpointed, eliminating the “search” from “search and rescue.”

2Stay connected with the people you protect

In emergency situations, maintain constant visual and audio connections with the caller until the appropriate resources can arrive on scene and the caller’s safety or security is secured.

3Gain real-time views of crimes, hazardous conditions and other safety and security situations occurring in your area

The reporter feature enables any user connected to your organization to report on suspicious activity, dangerous situations, security breaches and any other relevant incident via their cell phones. Users can upload images as well as critical information about the incident, giving the command center full visibility until official responders can arrive. As situations develop, messages can be sent to update everyone in the network.

4Monitor your assets in the field

Monitor the whereabouts of your personnel or assets, wherever they are, via a tracking function. An incident management module logs events in the Pure Force dispatch server or in the organization’s existing dispatch system.

5Enhanced safe guarding for specific areas

A geo-fencing feature enables the command center to create a safety perimeter or virtual fence, that, if breached will alert the command center. Distress signals can be transmitted in silent or regular mode.