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One click away by Manila Bulletin

June 22, 2015

The Philippines is no stranger to disasters, man-made and natural. Lost of properties, injuries and even deaths, Filipinos are too familiar with them but are not too happy with that.

In a world and times of danger, and even at the brink of death, many Filipinos are left praying: Is there somebody out there to help us? And fast?, you can say a prayer now, CLICK once and simply wait in quick real time and help is on its way.

There is somebody out there who hear, see and act in case of emergencies, just one click away, and that is Pure Force and Rescue Corporation.

Or simply Pure Force, this volunteer program is a brainchild of Jojo Soliman, a private individual who, like many of Filipinos have it in their hearts to help their fellowmen in dire needs.What makes Soliman unique, however, is that he does not only know, he actually helps through his well-managed and fully-equipped emergency response group.

“We have so many people who like to help, and committed to help, but here in our country, we need to deliver the needed assistance in different cases of emergency quickly. That’s how we save lives, when help is delivered quickly, in real time, and equally important with complete and able equipment. That’s what Pure Force is all about,” said Soliman.

As CEO, Soliman envisions Pure Force as specializing in search and rescue throughout the Philippines. He also believes that a single tool is needed to help during emergencies, one that could incorporate information from thousands of sensors and systems and manage multiple agencies across the entire country.


“Intergraph technology serves as the foundation for Pure Force & Rescue’s operations, featuring our dispatching system and mobile app for first responders.”

This app is an emergency system that connects emergency response agencies across the Philippines.

For this, Pure Force was already honored during the prestigious 2015 Icon Awards. The Icon Awards recognize companies and organizations that have used Intergraph software to significantly benefit their business or industry.

“We are nearly 100 million people, but the Philippines does not have a centralized emergency response system or a nationwide emergency telephone number. That makes coordination between public safety and emergency response agencies difficult.

“Pure Force and Rescue Corp. is offering mission-critical software to every city in the Philippines to help overcome this challenge. Manila and the city of Butuan will be one of the first cities to deploy the solution.”

Through Intergraph’s industry-leading Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system and Mobile Responder application, law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services can minimize response times, as well as track and manage incidents and emergencies in real time. Through its use of I/CAD, the Pure Force and Rescue Corp. command center has a common operating picture that can facilitate information sharing between agencies in different municipalities around the country.

Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/one-click-for-emergency/#AXz9D0hjPOK7TF3T.99